Promote your campaign


What's your story 📖

Upload a photo and tell your story on your personal page, so people know what drives you. 


What's your goal 💶

Start by making a donation to your own campaign. It shows your dedication and convinces others to support your initiative. 


Who do you know 🗣️

Let everyone know that you're raising funds for EpilepsieNL. The more people know about your campaign, the better! 


What's your reach 🖱️

Share the link of your personal page on social media, text your friends your personal QR code and promote your blogs via email.


Look for publicity 📺

Contact local radio, TV and newspapers and utilize the communication channels of your school or work.


Keep reminding 📥

People are busy and forget, so keep reminding them to donate to your fundraising campaign.


Always say thank you 🙏

Every donation counts, so be thankful for all the support you get. By publicly thanking your sponsors, you inspire others to support your campaign as well. 


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